Infinity Pool Saint-Tropez

Oil on Canvas - 20" x 20"


I painted Infinity Pool Saint-Tropez to capture the memory of a hidden hotel in the hills above the village of Saint-Tropez. Years ago, I had dinner there following a long afternoon at Le Club 55. Club 55 was an overwhelmingly glamorous experience with nude sunbathers & celebrities lounging on the beach and table-hopping in the packed restaurant. The action was non-stop so following a tip from a Dutch art dealer, we searched for this secret gem of an inn that he told us to not miss. Finally we found it – a fairytale-like spot under lush foliage. The inn itself was a rambling romantic house with an extraordinary restaurant. Unbelievably, we were the only people there perhaps because it was getting late. The setting was unforgettably tranquil and turquoise at our poolside table. Savoring a delicious meal with a lot of wine, we watched the sunset over the ocean at Saint-Tropez and felt fabulous. Perhaps you can find it too.